How can we alleviate the symptoms of sleeping disorders?

How can we alleviate the symptoms of sleeping disorders?

Sleeping Disorder: Why Overthinking Keeps You Up at Night

What is Sleep?

Sleep is a crucial state for the brain to conserve energy, just like food and water. It relaxes the entire brain mechanism and releases chemicals for great relaxation and memory restoration.

Which Parts of the Brain are Responsible for Sleep?

Every part of the brain has its role in sleep, including the hypothalamus, brain stem, thalamus, pineal gland, basal forebrain, and amygdala.

What are the Symptoms of Sleeping Disorder?

One-third of the United States population has less than 7 hours of sleep, while more than 70% of high school students have less than 8 hours of sleep. Symptoms of sleeping disorder include daytime sleep, insomnia, irritation, emotional fluctuation, anxiety, overthinking, and upset digestive system.

What Causes Overthinking at Night?

The silence of nights and daytime experiences that make us anxious and lonely can cause overthinking. Loneliness and negativity are also factors that contribute to excessive thinking.

What are the Ways to Get Enough Sleep at Night?

Having a timely sleeping cycle, reading books before sleep, eating a light dinner, avoiding alcohol and smoking, relaxing and clearing your mind, and meditating daily are effective remedies for enough sleep. If the condition goes out of hand, consult with your doctor for the right medication of sleeping pills to improve your sleeping behavior.


If you’re facing symptoms of sleeping disorder, consult with your doctor for the right prescription of medication and sleeping pills. Alternatively, practice your brain for timely sleeping patterns because sleep is an essential practice for your brain.



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