Comparison: Hydrocodone Vs Oxycodone: Pharma Universal

Comparison: Hydrocodone Vs Oxycodone: Pharma Universal

Both hydrocodone and oxycodone are analgesics

Hydrocodone and oxycodone are both types of pain relievers known as opioid analgesics. They work by interfering with the body’s pain signals. While they have similar effects, the negative side effects may vary slightly. Doctors may prescribe these medications to treat moderate-to-severe pain.

Prescribed opioid medications can be effective in managing pain. However, they are highly addictive and often abused. They can also interact with certain drugs.

Studies have shown that both hydrocodone and oxycodone are effective for short-term pain relief. However, if taken for an extended period, the body may develop a tolerance to the medication, requiring higher doses to achieve the same results.


Some individuals believe that oxycodone is more effective than hydrocodone as a pain reliever. However, a study comparing the two medications found no significant differences in managing acute musculoskeletal pain. Both medications provided at least a 50% decrease in pain for around 60% of participants. It’s important to note that neither hydrocodone nor oxycodone treat the underlying cause of the pain.

Due to the risks of dependency and addiction, doctors often recommend trying non-opioid pain relievers before prescribing opioids.

When and How to Take Them

  • Oxycodone is typically taken every 4 to 6 hours, or as needed. Extended-release versions may only need to be taken once or twice a day.
  • Extended-release hydrocodone pills are usually taken every 12 hours.
  • Consult with your doctor regarding whether to take these medications with or without meals. When taking extended-release capsules or tablets, it’s important to drink plenty of water.
  • Do not stop taking these medications without consulting your doctor, as withdrawal symptoms may occur if the medication is used regularly and then abruptly discontinued.

What are they used for?

Both oxycodone and hydrocodone are prescribed for moderate-to-severe pain. They are commonly used for pain resulting from accidents, cancer, chronic pain, and post-surgery recovery.

Extended-release formulations of these medications are suitable for patients who have been taking opioids for at least a week and require ongoing pain management.

However, opioids can interact with other medications and are highly addictive. Therefore, they are not suitable for everyone. Individuals with a history of drug misuse or those taking medications that may interact with opioids should avoid using them.

Are they addictive?

Both oxycodone and hydrocodone can lead to dependency and addiction, especially when used at high doses or for prolonged periods. Over time, tolerance to these medications may develop, leading patients to increase their dose without medical guidance.

Opioid addiction is a significant public health concern. Misuse of prescription pain medications is widespread, with millions of adults misusing opiates in recent years.

Primary care facilities often encounter patients with opioid addiction. Close collaboration with doctors is essential to regularly assess opioid doses and develop an effective pain management plan, minimizing the risk of drug misuse.


Oxycodone and hydrocodone are opioid drugs commonly prescribed for moderate-to-severe pain. They have similar effectiveness and risks of dependency and addiction. Doctors often recommend trying non-opioid pain relievers before considering opioids.

Alternative options, such as nonopioid prescription drugs, mind-body pain management approaches, and complementary therapies, are available and should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

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